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One of the simplest pleasures known to man is the one we often take for granted. I talk of our ability to transcend into the amazing world of music by plugging in two earbuds connected by wires to a chip. Like quite a few of you, I have no qualms admitting that all said and done, music is my love eternal! If by now you are scratching your head and wondering why I am spewing out this philosophical verbiage out of the blue, the answer is fairly simple.

I was happily listening to pop music when I heard the song “Breakin’ a sweat” by Skrillex for the first time. I had heard about Dubstep sub-genre of electronic music before, but never paid much attention to it because it was too “acid-like” for my taste. However, this particular song created in collaboration with the members of The Doors (only one of the most epic rock bands of all time), appeared to be like nectar to my soul! I heard it once, couldn’t believe my ears, and then kept going.

A few days and about a hundred replays later, I now wonder if the God(s) above are rockin’ out to this one as well. What this song did for me was much beyond a simple eargasm (yes, this word does exist, no matter what my editor says!) This song opened my eyes to the whole world of diverse, beautiful, and tightly-knit dubstep music. I have been a hard-core Electronica-nut, from before mainstream artists (and Justin Beiber unfortunately) started using it in their creations. From small gigs in lesser-known clubs and home-based music studios of my friends, to a few of the biggest concerts on planet earth, I’ve seen Electronica grow and transform. I think the process has come full circle with Skrillex’s insanely popular Bangarang (all links below), the song that made more than 50 million views on the tube.

I hope that Skrillex, and other incredibly talented Dubstep artists will further the cause of electronic music, and that I will continue to have many more eargasms! 🙂


BREAKIN’ A SWEAT by SKRILLEX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83UEnLOV1oE

BANGARANG by SKRILLEX: http://youtu.be/YJVmu6yttiw

DUBSTEP 101 by Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubstep


I know you must be wondering what on earth am I going to tell you that’ll change your world! But, here’s a good trick that will help you in long run if you are deep into tabbed browsing. Here, try this for yourself:

1. PRESS CONTROL+T (OPENS NEW TAB. Alternatively, open it using mouse)
2. Type in any address. Press go.
4. Wallah! The tab is closed and you did not have to scroll all the way to the close button.

Infact, you have learnt two new tricks today, if you are a total newbie. But even a lot of us who are regular at web browsing tend to not know about the second one (the middle mouse trick).

Hope this helps!

[P.S. This was tested on latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, and was found to work. It does not work on Safari for some unknown reason!]

UPDATE: Here’s another trick which might come in handy if you are keyboard savvy: TRY AND PRESS F2 IF YOU ARE USING OPERA… And it’ll open a dialog box for you to quickly type in the website address and take you there when you press ok. (This trick doesn’t work in Firefox).

India Defeated.

[The author sends his heartfelt sympathies to all the victims and their families. He salutes all the bravehearts who rose up in the grim and asking situation. He also hopes that this would stop someday]

History: India defeats Pakistan in all engagements.
2008: It’s War between India and a ‘terrorist’ Pakistan. And India stands defeated, brought to its knees by just 12 Pakistanis. 100 billion Indians hang their heads in shame, wondering what hit them and how! Amazing to see India transform into a nation of gutless, emotionless weaklings. Amazing to imagine people in the ‘terrorist homeland’ cheering themselves over a drink (may be a champagne!) after watching the visuals of the carnage that their brave ‘jehadi’ boys had just created.
I have always been pro-peace, and still am now. Just that the philosophy doesn’t stick as well today as always did. The idea of diplomacy through peace has lost all its relevance in current situation. This relationship with our ‘great’ Gandhi has to be broken. He’s no more relevant, no more crucial in deciding the fate of India. It’s time to realize our loss and get a brace for our weak spines to stand up and do something concrete. Continue reading

As I type this post, the deadly Indian trio will be on their way to perform LIVE in front of a huge audience comprising mostly of the future doctors! Wonder why and where? No, they haven’t hit the gratitude (for doctors) note as yet (hehe… doubt that will ever happen!) but where is a question I’ll gladly answer! Continue reading

Top 10 Zen Quotes…

Here’s my compilation of top 10 Zen quotes from various sources:

  1. A samurai once asked Zen Master Hakuin where he would go after he died. Hakuin answered ‘How am I supposed to know?’
    ‘How do you not know? You’re a Zen master!’ exclaimed the samurai.
    ‘Yes, but not a dead one,’ Hakuin answered.
  2. Do not seek the truth, only cease to cherish your opinions.
  3. If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are.
  4. The tighter you squeeze the less you have.
  5. When you reach the top, keep climbing.
  6. A river too pure, yields no fish.
  7. Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind.
  8. From the withered tree, a flower blooms.
  9. The infinite is in the finite of every instant.
  10. When you are deluded and full of doubt, even a thousand books of scripture are not enough. When you have realized understanding, even one word is too much.

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