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One of the sad things about being away from India is that you miss the spectacle of news channels trying to make the most unimportant and tasteless news into a delicacy that promises to change your life forever! Don’t the nostalgic flashbacks of news anchors shouting at the top of their voice never fail to bring warmth to your heart too?

So, what do all you NRIs who want to stay connected to the “pulse” of your mother India do? You type in timesofindia(dot)com. (I am deliberately avoiding a direct link to the site as I don’t want to be cursed for 3days when you will be in bed with that headache that just won’t go away!)

In a brief moment, as your life flashes before you, Times Of India website loads up. In it, you see a bunch of naked women, a few outright adult articles, a whole section of news on who killed who, who kissed who, who got naked, who didn’t get naked but is shouting foul etc etc. Somewhere in that pile of words, you will find, and I don’t promise this, a few actual “news” articles. The kind which, apart from getting you some great bedroom ideas, have the potential of changing your life.

In essence, in Times Of India world, Manmohan Singh takes a backseat; wars are boring too; and Anna Hazaare and his chums playing kabaddi with Mr. Sibal are “too routine” to make the cut. So what if world is at the brink of another financial meltdown, for the editors of Times of India, why “Mrs. Australia bares all” is just as important a news.

It is indeed saddening to see how Times Of India website which started out as an authentic source of news a few years ago has been reduced a mere tabloid in a race to garner more page views. But, I don’t blame them entirely, for we, the readers also have contributed to a large extent to its fate. I mean, Times Of India is just showing what we want to see!

I don’t have the official numbers but I can bet my dog’s food that Katrina Kaif’s sexy pics Continue reading


cant tell u how much i miss hearin ur voice
cant tell u how muchi miss hearin u breathe on d phone
cant tell u how much i miss listenin to u talk endlessly tryin to make sense of your wonderful little world
cant get enough of u telling me how much u love me
just cant have enough of falling in love with you
when you ask me if this is love, i ask you, can it be anything else?

Hey ya guys! This is wishing everyone a very happy new year. May you be blessed with all the prosperity, peace and serenity that you desire!
2008 has been quite a treat. Hope that 2009 lives upto all the expectations!!!

I write this post in the last hours of an amazing year. Elation fills my heart as I recap the events of 2008 and make the joyride through memory lane. A lot has happened, enough to fill pages and pages, with more of good and less of bad times! And I’m glad that it is such. Life could’ve been a hell lot better than it were in the year but I’m very happy to have formed a baseline of sorts to base my future on.

A brief list of what happened:
1. Ru (though it began a lot earlier, the last few pages were written in 2008)
2. Maiden U.S. Trip (Just in time)
3. Preparing for exams…
4. Pre-professional exam (1.5 months!)
5. Professional exam (1 month)
6. Results out… Now a doctor… what??? YES! a DOCTOR.
7. And yes, a lot of parties!!!!
8. Oh! and, the blog reached 10000, 20000, and 30000 visitors marks in 2008.

Hope all of you have an exciting, amazing, hope and fun-filled, and prosperous new year!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today’s the birthday of a really special person who is quite close to my heart!

Here’s wishing the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever met a happy and prosperous year and a long n happy life!!!



[P.S. Sorry I got a little late at wishing you but I promise you an unforgettable treat when you come back!!!]

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