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I write this post in the last hours of an amazing year. Elation fills my heart as I recap the events of 2008 and make the joyride through memory lane. A lot has happened, enough to fill pages and pages, with more of good and less of bad times! And I’m glad that it is such. Life could’ve been a hell lot better than it were in the year but I’m very happy to have formed a baseline of sorts to base my future on.

A brief list of what happened:
1. Ru (though it began a lot earlier, the last few pages were written in 2008)
2. Maiden U.S. Trip (Just in time)
3. Preparing for exams…
4. Pre-professional exam (1.5 months!)
5. Professional exam (1 month)
6. Results out… Now a doctor… what??? YES! a DOCTOR.
7. And yes, a lot of parties!!!!
8. Oh! and, the blog reached 10000, 20000, and 30000 visitors marks in 2008.

Hope all of you have an exciting, amazing, hope and fun-filled, and prosperous new year!


December 30, 2008: 3:15 PM

Results are out.

I passed.

Now a doctor.

Dr. Arpit Rao

This vacation marked the fourth anniversary of my life in Delhi. I must say it’s been quite an exciting ride, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, but when I look back, it’s all been worth it!

No matter how much they try, emulating the roller-coaster called life is difficult to the extent of being impossible. I just wish that this coming year goes smooth and sassier than before! It actually seems quite difficult because of a major kick-ass examination that’s coming up. But lets hope that I get through easily.

Ok! That’s all for now. I’ll write more about the exam as it comes near because as you can u’stand, it’d be the only thing on my mind then!

P.S. My best wishes also go out to all those students who have been surfing similar tides! Besta’ Luck guys!

In this journey called life, you meet thousands n thousands of people. But very rarely do you come across a special few who make an impact… who change your world… who change the way you perceive your life. It is them, infact, who give you a reason to smile, to be happy and in a broader sense, to live.

But on one turn, you realize that it is time for the final goodbye (For those who have lost their loved ones, it is not too hard to imagine all the things that I’m writing now.. please forgive me if I hurt any sentiments). And it is never easy to say the final few words… those few moments feel like eternity.. you can hear the breath, you can feel your heart pounding.. you look into his/her eyes and get that sinking feeling. You try to hold on.. to stay afloat.. to breathe.. but to no avail. There are so many things you want to say but no words come out. All the times that you spent together flash in front of your eyes. This sadness knows no bounds. Just then, your time runs out. The voice fades away, those eyes close forever to your sight, the comfort that you got from holding hands turns into a cold painful sensation. He/she is gone… yes, gone forever but it takes you a while to realize the impact of this sorrow. But, you feel it and it hits you hard.

But I’m not here to make you sad, right! So, seasons change, the memories fade and so does the pain. And LIFE GOES ON!


Creed – My Own Prison

All I can say about this song is: SIMPLY AWESOME!!!

Download it using ARES or something similar.

“My Own Prison”

A court is in session, a verdict is in
No appeal on the docket today
Just my own sin
The walls are cold and pale
The cage made of steel
Screams fill the room
Alone I drop and kneel
Silence now the sound
My breath the only motion around
Demons cluttering around
My face showing no emotion
Shackled by my sentence
Expecting no return
Here there is no penance
My skin begins to burn

(continues below)

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