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One of my friends passed me this screengrab! I am sure that it is unintentional but yes, Mr. Gillani (Pak PM), we agree, your country’s economy couldn’t do without “chemicals” ::cough:: and billions of $$$ of US aid ::cough::

Enjoy the light moment!
– A

Pakistani govt plays pun on itself!


India Defeated.

[The author sends his heartfelt sympathies to all the victims and their families. He salutes all the bravehearts who rose up in the grim and asking situation. He also hopes that this would stop someday]

History: India defeats Pakistan in all engagements.
2008: It’s War between India and a ‘terrorist’ Pakistan. And India stands defeated, brought to its knees by just 12 Pakistanis. 100 billion Indians hang their heads in shame, wondering what hit them and how! Amazing to see India transform into a nation of gutless, emotionless weaklings. Amazing to imagine people in the ‘terrorist homeland’ cheering themselves over a drink (may be a champagne!) after watching the visuals of the carnage that their brave ‘jehadi’ boys had just created.
I have always been pro-peace, and still am now. Just that the philosophy doesn’t stick as well today as always did. The idea of diplomacy through peace has lost all its relevance in current situation. This relationship with our ‘great’ Gandhi has to be broken. He’s no more relevant, no more crucial in deciding the fate of India. It’s time to realize our loss and get a brace for our weak spines to stand up and do something concrete. Continue reading

“I’ll be right back!”, said the clerk at a government office I visited for some work. It was 3:48pm on the clock hung right above his head on the wall behind him. Did I really have a choice but to say ok? I guess not, and so he left with a smile. Half an hour passed with me checking the time every so often, looking around in desperation, anxiously waiting for him to return. I had to get my work done before 5:00pm because if not, it could delay a lot of my other important works by days together. Naturally, I wasn’t too amused by the fact that I had to wait so long for a work that was hardly worth 5 minutes! Continue reading