Sikhism is more dead than before

by Sooryayogi Sunny on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 11:18am

Today I sat in the Tarn Taran gurudwara early in the morning and began doing pranayama. As I sat quietly in the corner just breathing in and out, I found myself surrounded by three men, asking me to stop immediately. I was asked not to do so, as they feared others might start doing so. Not in mood to argue with them I stopped the exercise and continued with my meditation.

Guru Granth Sahib has nowhere prohibited any yoga excercises, its has only upheld that the lord is everywhere, in every breath. It doesn’t matter what path one takes one shall merge ultimately with the lord. It doesn’t matter whether one has hair or no hair. He, She and It shall merge with the lord.

Its is not just Sikh temples, go to any temples, they are simply not in tune with the future. Osho is 100 percent correct in saying that all religions are just dead. Real key is the independent humanity, a scientific spiritual community, which is ever ready to learn and adopt things that are beneficial for their growth, growth which makes one harmonious with nature.

I am always confused to go to spiritual temples, always having had atleast one such encounter. Only in Malaysia in a Chinese temple they actually acknowledged the wisdom; the light within; and asked me to share their knowledge. And you will be surprised it was a woman who has asked me to teach there. Osho was right its only the women who will create a better world, as they can truly manifest that spiritual energy. Men are the seed; woman can allow that energy to grow to its fullest.

15/12/2010 – today as I travelled to take my family on their visit to the Gurudwaras, I came full frontal with the business mentality over there –  shower money and get ur siropas. Holy cow! What a holy business … I like baba Buddha ji and all the gurus but simply hate the whole Gurudwara and Guru Granth Sahib scene .. I really dont like this book worship and all .. singing hymns is great ..

There should be whole lot of enlightened human beings walking around .. more nature, more loving; instead we have hordes of men and women, creating atmosphere of “dont do this” – “dont do that”.. “ithey par na pao”, “sir tako ji”, “aah karo ji”, “oh karo ji”..

Utter madness I must say… manhandling people.. its a shame… I must say…

And then they come and say Sikhi da chanan munara ..

I wonder why their aren’t any female Ragis ever?

Only these male karoor Singhs..

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