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Doctor, Death and Superstitions!

I work night shifts this month. That means, I walk into a nearly empty hospital at 7PM and leave at 7AM when everyone else is coming in yawning and puffy-eyed! So far, I’ve been able to leave in a fairly decent mood in part because of the high that 6AM coffee gives to my sleep-deprived brain. But, last night was different.

I was finishing my shift and it was almost 6AM. I was carrying, along-with my regular pager, what we call the “Code Pager” which is a dreadful gadget that only rings when someone in the hospital “codes”, meaning comes very close to or is on their way to death. We got paged for a new patient who had just rolled in from one of the hospitals nearby. Of course he was sick. But we didn’t know just how much, and that caught us off-guard.

He had come in unconscious, breathing heavy and in that moment, for all that I knew, with a very little chance of survival over the next few hours. We gave him all that we could, but he wouldn’t improve. It was twenty minutes to 7AM. Continue reading


Presenting the all new, exclusive, expensive, beautiful, sexy… BUGATTI TARGA (official name: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport). What’s special about it? For starters, a chic (starting) price tag of Rs. 10 crore (yes you heard it right… the equivalent of 500… read again… FIVE HUNDRED MARUTI 800s!). Also, ONLY EIGHTY (80!!!) will be ever produced!

Why mention something which almost all Indians WILL NOT EVEN SEE once in their entire lifetime? Assuredly, an Indian sitting (NOT OWNING) in this epitome of Luxury on wheels would be as unique as the first man on the moon! But then, as with most other things tagged as ‘luxury’ which invariably continue to elude Indians, the best way to inch closer to their existence is to window-shop!

I’m going to provide two pictures (taken from some site since Bugatti Public Relations declined to let me test drive or atleast see the car itself…) which will give you an idea of how beautiful/sleek/sexy/hot this car looks! Believe me guys, I’m a hard-core Ferrari and Lamborghini fan but this car beats ALL of those beauties hands down and smacks any competition out of the park! - From an article by AJAY

Close that jaw now… oh come on… get over it… I don’t want to be held responsible for your clinical brain damage… 😛

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UPDATED ON AUGUST 20: The wait is finally over!!! iPHONE 3G is coming to India on August 22 through two operator networks AIRTEL and VODAFONE. An official Vodafone SMS stated the price for the 8GB iPHONE 3G variant as Rs. 31,000. The booking has to be done on August 20 and 21 with a pre-order amount of Rs. 10,000 with the rest being paid at the time of ‘appointment’ (i.e. when you buy the phone).

This is particularly heartbreaking for most Apple fans in India because shelling out Rs. 31K for an iPHONE 3G is a bit hard especially when the nearest competitor, the NOKIA N95 8GB costs around Rs. 22K (Gaffar Market, New Delhi). Mr. Steve Jobs, all that ‘sex appeal’ may not be able to pull a million expected buyers to the nearest shops unless something is done to bring down the price.

Original article continues below:

Arguably the sexiest cell phone on the planet, definitely the most-hyped gadget of recent times, iPHONE 3G was unveiled on July 11 across 12 countries. Of course the disadvantage of being in India is that I will have to wait for months before the first one comes in!

Well, the popularity of the gadget can be assessed from the fact that though it is far from being the best in terms of features, no critic could resist the temptation of calling it the future of cell phones! From what I’ve learned in past few years, Apple is one company you can trust blind-folded for dishing out the hottest and most innovative products. This was proven correct once again when, barring one or two cities, there were queues of people waiting for hours to get hold of the latest iPHONE! It fails me if 200-300$ is small enough sum to be given away without second thoughts to this company. But again, there are crazy people and there are the crazier, Apple fans.

So, while some lucky people relish tapping the screens of their brand-new asset, I’ll just sit here cursing and waiting for mine to arrive someday! What a day would that be! Anyways, book your iPHONE with Airtel or Vodafone if you’re an Indian dying to get one!

[P.S.: OMG stands for ‘Oh! My God’… just in case you were wondering!]

Racism in United States?


Have I been racially discriminated in the United States? Well… I don’t really know but I’ll let you judge!

Well, since I’ve been getting a lot of hits to this post, I thought I should share my experiences in the land of dreams (for most Indians) with you.

As is the case everywhere, people tend to get apprehensive to find someone different than themselves in their own locality. No wonder that you see ‘goras’ and ‘goris’ getting chased around by an Indian crowd in the streets of Jaipur or Chandni Chowk in Delhi. It is very natural for them to get curious, get agitated, or even get annoyed with the ‘foreign’ presence. Keeping this background in mind, consider the events that I describe below.

A brown man stands out in a white and black crowd as much as the opposite. So, it is not surprising to get an occassional comment like ‘Oh! you’re an Indian… yeah… I thought so!’ Now, depending on the way it was said, this simple statement can be ajudged a comment, a complement, a simple observation or a racist remark! Mostly, what you can do is to ignore all of it if said with negative connotation. Avoid brawls to the best possible extent except if you are bigger, stronger and as they say, in a position of might (rare… very rare!) Please understand that this behavior is called discrimination… and if you don’t have an elephant’s memory, must I remind you that it is the same as what you do to other people while you go bossing around in India.

Now, most waiters and waitresses have a notion that Indians don’t tip well. Hence, expect a rough serving at any ordinary restaurant unless you walk in with the attitude suiting riches! Listen to this well… TIP atleast as much as the service tax on your bill or 10-15% of total bill amount. Yes, that would come to be around 2-5$ but it is a good habit. Saves people like me from getting remarks like ‘hey… you’re Indian and still you gave me a 5$ tip! Wow, thanks!’

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To catch a flight at 8:30am, you would normally wake up at 4:30, get ready and leave your place at 5:30AM. Then, as the system is everywhere, dial a number, call the cab and reach the airport at 6:00AM. Check in by 6:30 and wallah! your on your way to the destination. Simple, isn’t it?

But, when you are me…. in New Jersey…. awake chatting with ur bud till late the night before… things are bound to get… well… ummm…. pretty fked up!

So, I woke up at 430AM alright AND got ready well in time… but decided to take a short walk to nearby cafe to have a snack and WALLAH!!!!! we got so fuckin delayed…. we reached the airport at 7:45AM. So what? Just in time! right?? yeah, they said I could check in, but they had stopped checking in the luggage… toh I was practically suggested to goto the city of angels, dressed like one… (with just once pyjama in my backpack!!!)

Many emotional requests later, the sweet and kind-hearted lady at the counter rescheduled my non-transferable, non-refundable, booked a month in advance (well… in other words, cheapest-available) ticket to the next flight (in the evening)! All this while, I stood there with a sad face, drenched in sweat waiting for the good/bad news.

As soon as I got the boarding pass for the next flight, we came out of the airport and breathed the cool air! What followed was a sequence of events beginning with us getting back to Ankit’s house, leaving the luggage and going out to the city…

The first half of the day was spent in search of a second-hand mobile (just to make-do) and finally, I got hold of an okeish mobile for  60 bucks. After a quick bite at the Indian Street in Jersey, we rushed back to Ankit’s house.

Cab took us to the EWR airport at around 4:30PM. I checked in and then spent 45 mins with Ankit doing chit-chat. I boarded the flight at 6:15PM and after a short announcement by the captain, a shaky-looking plane took me to the sky!

Next Stop: LA a.k.a. Los Angeles a.k.a. City of Angels a.k.a. My home for next 7 weeks!