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One of the simplest pleasures known to man is the one we often take for granted. I talk of our ability to transcend into the amazing world of music by plugging in two earbuds connected by wires to a chip. Like quite a few of you, I have no qualms admitting that all said and done, music is my love eternal! If by now you are scratching your head and wondering why I am spewing out this philosophical verbiage out of the blue, the answer is fairly simple.

I was happily listening to pop music when I heard the song “Breakin’ a sweat” by Skrillex for the first time. I had heard about Dubstep sub-genre of electronic music before, but never paid much attention to it because it was too “acid-like” for my taste. However, this particular song created in collaboration with the members of The Doors (only one of the most epic rock bands of all time), appeared to be like nectar to my soul! I heard it once, couldn’t believe my ears, and then kept going.

A few days and about a hundred replays later, I now wonder if the God(s) above are rockin’ out to this one as well. What this song did for me was much beyond a simple eargasm (yes, this word does exist, no matter what my editor says!) This song opened my eyes to the whole world of diverse, beautiful, and tightly-knit dubstep music. I have been a hard-core Electronica-nut, from before mainstream artists (and Justin Beiber unfortunately) started using it in their creations. From small gigs in lesser-known clubs and home-based music studios of my friends, to a few of the biggest concerts on planet earth, I’ve seen Electronica grow and transform. I think the process has come full circle with Skrillex’s insanely popular Bangarang (all links below), the song that made more than 50 million views on the tube.

I hope that Skrillex, and other incredibly talented Dubstep artists will further the cause of electronic music, and that I will continue to have many more eargasms! 🙂




DUBSTEP 101 by Wikipedia:


Doctor, Death and Superstitions!

I work night shifts this month. That means, I walk into a nearly empty hospital at 7PM and leave at 7AM when everyone else is coming in yawning and puffy-eyed! So far, I’ve been able to leave in a fairly decent mood in part because of the high that 6AM coffee gives to my sleep-deprived brain. But, last night was different.

I was finishing my shift and it was almost 6AM. I was carrying, along-with my regular pager, what we call the “Code Pager” which is a dreadful gadget that only rings when someone in the hospital “codes”, meaning comes very close to or is on their way to death. We got paged for a new patient who had just rolled in from one of the hospitals nearby. Of course he was sick. But we didn’t know just how much, and that caught us off-guard.

He had come in unconscious, breathing heavy and in that moment, for all that I knew, with a very little chance of survival over the next few hours. We gave him all that we could, but he wouldn’t improve. It was twenty minutes to 7AM. Continue reading

Bringing the sexy on! :)

It’s the beginning of summer season here in India. Most of you around the world wouldn’t care, but for the 1 billion people who live in this part of the planet, it means just one thing – run for shelter! The temperature will easily soar above 100 degrees (Fahrenheit ofcourse!) and unless you are really unlucky, you will find yourself waiting somewhere inside for the sun to set.

For me though, there could not be a better time for change. Not some “look he’s put on a few pounds” kind; more like “omg so this is what puberty is all about” kind of change. I am revamping everything about Naam-to-batao. Yes Sir! Old wrinkled skin will be shed to reveal a brand new (botoxed actually!) silky-smooth sensuous beauty.

Why should you bother reading?
For the same reason you watch the same news over and over during the entire day and then mumble ridiculously through the night much to the annoyance of your (gay?) partner! Ok, that was under the belt! But the point is, some of the things on N-tee-Bee can be worth your time, and if I can be arrogant enough to say so, actually interesting!

What is the change that you keep blabbing about?
So I admit! I hired ‘Image Consultants’ to trim the flab and make this thing look good! Continue reading

It’s October again!

“The night is a bit cold, feels like October doesn’t it?” said my friend while getting ready to serve during one of our midnight tennis sessions. I nodded in agreement. After all, in Delhi, nights getting cold mean just one thing – it’s October.

October is when it’s cold but not uncomfortable. When you could still wear your t-shirts and walk around feeling the breeze, and not worry about getting a frost-bite. When children still flock in their regular uniforms and their mothers – women with frizzy hair wearing shawls, chase them with a cap or a sweater. The leaves are still green and aplenty. The landscape still fresh from caress of monsoon.

Why not then should October be a little different from other months? A little special. Like the cherry on the top of a chocolate cake! One that marks the beginning of the cuddling season. One that says let’s beat the heat! And when you live in India, there are a very few things that can help you do that!

You might ask, if you have not already, that what is the point of all this foreplay with words? Come on! Have I not given enough hints already? It is the season of love. The season of making the lives of those around you a little more special.

Of course, most of you would know that the Hindu festival Diwali (alternatively called Dipawali) is coming up in a few days. Diwali is the festival of light. It is the celebration of all things that are good, that bring us joy, that make us pure, and enlighten our lives. So, even if you know nothing about it, you can light up a diya (lamp or candle will also do!) and pray (to whichever god) for peace, solace, growth, and satisfaction.

But I’m also talking about another important thing. This is the time to make new friends, to enter that relationship you have been keeping off for long, to gift your soul mate memories to cherish. There’s the romantic long walk on a winter night. But there are few things as good as lying next to your partner on a cold night under the quilt and talking softly under dim lights.

So, why are you still reading this? Didn’t you get the idea yet?

That’s all for now,

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Another Milestone Reached!

India is home to a fast-growing population of bloggers, something that reflects the growing ‘e-wareness’ of its people. And now that there are quite a few people blogging about anything and everything, how to know if you’re getting a good deal when you visit a new blog? Simple… ASK THE VISITORS!

You don’t have to take my word… The visitors to this blog bear a testimony to the fact that they found it worth their time and energy to read some of the things that I had to offer!

In just one year, a blog that has NO ADS, NO PAY-FOR-WRITING component has become one of the most visited blog in India. It gets 500+ (unique) visitors a day and as you read this post, the total number of visitors in that last ONE year (i.e. since its launch) have reached 90,000+. The blog is called NAAM-TO-BATAO ( or by ARPIT RAO. In case you’re wondering, this is NtB!

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No, I don’t write about Technology, Movies or any of the higher-yield (in terms of visitors) topics to get visitors. I don’t distribute illegal music or movies or videos. I don’t show pornography. I just write what I feel must be written about. As simple as that.

So, on this special occasion, I’d like to thank and congratulate everyone who’s backed me up through my first year blogging, in every which way, including just visiting NAAM-TO-BATAO.

Have fun,