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Why is it that more than 90% of this world’s population believes in the existence of a higher entity? Why do we need the very idea of a ‘God’? Does anything change for atheists? What if I loose my faith and begin to question my religion?

If you have a rational mind and you like to think a lot, you might have had all these questions popping up at various times. You might have held on, but don’t you want to dive deeper and know more?

I was recently confronted with the fact that my belief in God had been on a steady decline for many years, so much so that I had stopped attending ‘Aartis’ (prayers) and began ridiculing the very concept of ‘Havana’ and ‘pooja’. What woke me up was the thinker in me who began to question why I was questioning God! And hence, I embarked upon a journey of sorts to know more about the foundations of my beliefs and whether or not being an atheist is more satisfying in spiritual terms.

For the background, I’m a Hindu Brahmin and such a decline in the faith would be ironical for a brahmin as they were supposed to perpetrate the message of Hinduism since time immemorial.

As I read, write, and understand more about Hinduism in particular and religion in general, I hope it’ll clear my thoughts and hopefully make you think a bit about where you stand!