It’s the beginning of summer season here in India. Most of you around the world wouldn’t care, but for the 1 billion people who live in this part of the planet, it means just one thing – run for shelter! The temperature will easily soar above 100 degrees (Fahrenheit ofcourse!) and unless you are really unlucky, you will find yourself waiting somewhere inside for the sun to set.

For me though, there could not be a better time for change. Not some “look he’s put on a few pounds” kind; more like “omg so this is what puberty is all about” kind of change. I am revamping everything about Naam-to-batao. Yes Sir! Old wrinkled skin will be shed to reveal a brand new (botoxed actually!) silky-smooth sensuous beauty.

Why should you bother reading?
For the same reason you watch the same news over and over during the entire day and then mumble ridiculously through the night much to the annoyance of your (gay?) partner! Ok, that was under the belt! But the point is, some of the things on N-tee-Bee can be worth your time, and if I can be arrogant enough to say so, actually interesting!

What is the change that you keep blabbing about?
So I admit! I hired ‘Image Consultants’ to trim the flab and make this thing look good! I’m experimenting on a whole new writing style which happens to be more contemporary, and I’m hoping it gets through to you.

Actually, I have stopped looking at the number of visitors on this one since 1973. So I don’t really care how many people read all this, as long as it’s more than 254 everyday!

Is it homosexual friendly?
Actually, one of my closest friends, “AD” is gay. She also is my support and a very cute critic. So yes, all you gay people out there, you can read this too! 🙂

Will I talk about your mom?
You betcha! She’s on my mind 24×7. If your name is Manik, well, dude, take her home.

So that’s the update.

Cheer up! You only live once.