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Yeah, quite like a million others on the globe, my phone malfunctioned. The right function key and the volume up keys not working frustrated me to the extent of seeking ‘professional’ help. So, I searched for NOKIA Care centers and found the closest one in Defence Colony, Delhi. Went in with high hopes of getting my pricey E71 back in pristine condition – what was I thinking? When the guard at the door flashed the million dollar smile, I should have guessed that something was gonna go wrong; but I smiled back little knowing that he was actually smiling AT me 10 mins into the future.

After filling a form, I sat in front of a girl who ‘informed’ me that the phone was out of warranty. I said whatever and she charged me Rs 110 as ‘Inspection charge’. Told her the problem which she communicated to the shady tech guy sitting behind her. That man took the phone in his hand, played with it for exactly 5 seconds, touched the keypad twice, and returned the phone into my hands with an estimate of Rs (wait for it) 2,850! Just two keys blown, and he doesn’t even open the cover to know why, and gives me an estimate equaling his month’s salary. I smile Continue reading


cant tell u how much i miss hearin ur voice
cant tell u how muchi miss hearin u breathe on d phone
cant tell u how much i miss listenin to u talk endlessly tryin to make sense of your wonderful little world
cant get enough of u telling me how much u love me
just cant have enough of falling in love with you
when you ask me if this is love, i ask you, can it be anything else?