[First in the series of articles under: Things The Society Doesn’t Want You To Do!]

I’m a man with a mission. I’m surfing the blogosphere to find out Indian Blogs that are cool in the real sense of the word. I find some interesting things, and then, some really crappy articles which completely blow my mind to bits. Here is my take on one of such articles. Put it in any category you like.

The original article can be found HERE: http://bit.ly/premaritalsex

The author says and I quote:

If you are having sex before marriage with someone ready for following consequences:

  • MMS
  • Compromising Pictures in public
  • Ready to listen that “My family is not ready for our marriage”
  • Pregnancy
  • Abortion
  • Your neighborhood boys may have every details that how and where your boy took you for ride. (Boys loves telling their tale of bravery)
  • Be Brave . Ready to be center of attraction , Your collages and college students might look at you and laugh like anything, Some of them may ask you to come to his bed for some money.

I could simply state, and believe me I have every right to, that this is all a big pile of bullcrap. But since we know that the author isn’t completely wrong in her point of view, that couldn’t be the end of a reasonable debate. So, I have to take off some time to actually respond to this article.

  1. Do you mean to say that every pre-marital sex leads to MMS? Or Abortion? Or Pregnancy?
    I mean, if that were the case, sites featuring MMS’s would run out of capacity trying to display every MMS Scandal ever made. And I’m a doctor, but I don’t see that many abortions or pregnant non-married girls. The pregnancy rates CAN NOT be that high when only a quarter of youngsters in India have premarital sex. Read this article from BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, the bible of all the Doctors around the world!  And bite on this TEENAGE PREGNANCY REPORT from the US.
    It’s like saying that I get food-poisoning every time I eat food from outside, or that I kill a man everytime I drive my car in Delhi. It’s bullcrap!

  2. My family is not ready:
    Ok! If the guy doesn’t want to marry you, he will not. That is uninfluenced by the fact that you two have made out, unless of course you are that great in bed. Or in case you have made out, you could try and blackmail him into a marriage but we know how that’s going to turn out. Meeting his family (as a bond) before making out WILL NOT WORK either because family WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU when it comes to THEIR OWN CHILD.
  3. The whole neighborhood knows about it!
    Yes, we guys like to brag. I have been asked about ‘my count’ endless number of times. I have politely declined most such request. To ones I did not, I gave them a number and nothing more, keeping the details to myself and my partner alone. I presume myself to not be the exception to the rule. Bragging doesn’t mean we go around telling everybody about our sexual escapades. But if you don’t trust your guy with the basic courtesy of keeping it private, DON’T DO IT! Yes, PLEASE DON’T HAVE SEX IF YOUR GUY LOVES TO BRAG! And anyways, if you’re so concerned about the world finding out, DON’T DO IT!
    You have some really twisted idea of the relationship between Premarital sex and being called a SLUT or CALL-GIRL. If someone is called a call-girl just because she’s having a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, I must say, the crowd calling her that is comprised mainly of sex-starved, really frustrated men who shag-off endlessly at the very sight of a girl walking by! I stand by my solemn idea of liberation of women by allowing them the choice of having sex with anyone of their choosing at any point in their life as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. Yes! Have sex whenever you want ladies, with whomsoever you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else.
    As for the ‘society’, screw the society. I mean, if all there is to society is a bunch of men and women who want to curb your basic freedom, I think that you should have the courage to stand up for yourself and defend your actions. If you can’t do that, DON’T HAVE SEX before you get the license (marriage.)

I hope I’ve made my point sufficiently clear. It seemed to me that the author really did draft her piece from someone’s bad experience and to say that she’s not true at all counts would be a mistake of scaling proportions, one that is unnecessarily undermining her work.

I know it happens. I know people to whom it has happened. I regrettably have been a part of the crowd who is all too keen to ‘label’ people (not necessarily as in this case.) But to generalize something in this manner is once again becoming of a part of the same crowd.

Seriously, hot-dogs make you fat. DON’T EAT HOT-DOGS.
Sex is good. DON’T HAVE IT.

This concludes the hair-pulling ceremony. Hope y’all enjoyed it. Keep tuned for more only on NAAM-TO-BATAO!