AIIMS or All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New-Delhi, INDIA conducted its Pre-medical entrance test on June 01, 2009. Not even a few hours had passed when rumors of paper leak in Ghaziabad started coming in. I don’t know if there is any truth in all this because most such news tend to end up as media-hooplah!

I happened to be at a centre in Delhi when this exam was being conducted and the instructions were so strict that candidates were not allowed to take even their pens inside the centre. All that was allowed was the admit card, a water bottle, and money. I refuse to believe that any candidate could be able to leak the paper by him/herself because once the exam begins, no one is allowed to go out until it ends three and a half hours later. So, if anything, an entire school has to be involved for any paper leak to occur.

But in my personal experience, the examination section of AIIMS has been conducting few of the most honest examinations in the country (including our internal and university exams) and it’d be unlikely that they would be careless enough to allow such transgression. We will have to wait for a few days to find out if there is truth in all this or it is just a figment of Media’s imagination. The students need not worry though because it is extremely rare a possibility that the exam will be taken again.

If you happen to be one of the students or parent of a student who took this exam and feel like saying something, you are most welcome to do so. COMMENT BELOW!

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