Guys, I just came back from Indore to Delhi (both in India – for my International visitors’ sake) by a Jet Airways flight. By god was I in for a shock when I boarded that plane! I mean everything was ok until the machine was sitting on all fours at the airport. But when it came to the actual takeoff, boy was it shaky when I guess the only thing pilot knew was pretty unusual throttle pushing! Just when I thought that this was the craziest of my 200 or so takeoffs, and after an hour of flying turbulent times (forgive the pun), came the call for landing over Delhi.

Dude, I just wish if the guy had learnt his lessons properly cuz he cud’ve done it better when drunk! He landed the craft at an oblique axis with the runway so that the craft literally swayed side-to-side to give some of us a scare before the pilot (may be) altered the back burners differentially to bring it back in line but then I realized that he had brought in the craft at a higher speed and he braked so hard, it was almost enough to crush my stomach but not enough to stop us within 500 meters.

Anyways, now firmly back in the safer confines of my own place, I only wonder… what if the bastard burst a tire while landing and the plane crashed? All the while, I couldn’t help but draw similarities between my profession (doctor) and his. I save lives, one at a time, but he could have potentially killed 150+ people, at the same time. Both of us need to be really cautious about our skills so that nothing untoward happens to those who trust in us completely, whether be it to get well or to take us to destinationations soaring through the skies. Now, that’s a lesson learnt!


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