It’s a season of change guys, and while we are at it, why not give our blogs a makeover??

Now that blogs hosted on such as this: NAAMTOBATAO, have the option of choosing a brand new theme called Depo Masthead, it has become almost necessary to take it for a spin!

I have applied the theme, and find the new look too good to resist. I mean, how else do I get to showcase the THREE recent posts on the blog without the reader having to scroll down? And it has the simple, clean, fast-loading and attractive look that I’ve always been a fan of. Not that I have not used heavier and fancier looking themes for website deployment (check my latest project at: but they often land up being most frequently used by those on high-bandwidth internet connections.

Since every visitor is almost equally as important (conditions apply – mail me to find out why users to your site differ in certain aspects) for your blog, I’d suggest you to refrain from using large themes with flashy loaders (coming soon – a post about optimizing your site for maximum attention).
So, you want to read more? Before I give you a thousand more reasons to go for this theme (and NO, I’m not getting paid for publicity! đŸ™‚ ), why don’t you check this link ( to find out about some more things that might interest you!

Here’s why this theme rocks:

  1. Clean, simple interface.
  2. Big, bold blog name: You may not realize the importance but your readers can relate to it better if it’s more visible.
  3. Easily navigable.
  4. Ability to read THREE POSTS without any need to scroll that wheel!
  5. Excellent individual post pages: again, simple, bold content placement with a nice comment form.
  6. THREE widget columns! Now include everything from a welcome note to ‘about you’ page to stats and copyright info without a hitch.

That’s all for now. Will be back with more posts!
Stay tuned and stay rocking!