This article was written three years ago. I saw that some of you found it still relevant, still worthy of reading. In one way, I am sad that the words still resonate. I now sit thousands of miles away from India, listening to Jan Gan Man, hoping that India gets back on track to regain its long lost glory. Last year saw lakhs of crores of Indian Rupees, your hard earned money, being wasted away by the big-league traitors (CWG scam, 2G Spectrum Scam etc), and seemingly democratic government unleashing its fury on thousands of innocent protestors wanting accountability, and the most unworthiest of ministers pointing fingers at a lifelong Gandhian with spotless record (Anna Hazaare). A sweeping change is long overdue for this once mighty nation.


It’s been 61 years since India was liberated from the clutches of the British empire (which I must say, was not able to hold on to us any longer due to economic losses suffered in WW-II). As we hoist the flag and sing the anthem, answering a few relevant questions becomes the need of the hour.

  1. What have we achieved in all these years in terms of development?
    Yes, India has the third highest number of billionaires in the world (Fortune Top 500, 2008), but does that really reflect the root-level situation of our country? We have a large below-poverty-line population (subsisting on less than 1$ a day) in the world, constituting no less than 25% of our total population! Yes, we are the the fourth biggest economy in the world (GDP-PPP Index) but are still classified as Lower-middle-income economy by the World-bank. One street in Mumbai has tenth highest property rates in the world but millions of Indians still don’t have a place to live (except jhuggis – slums i.e.; ironically, Asia’s largest slum is DHARAVI in Mumbai). All the big names in luxury have their outlets in India but crores of people don’t have enough money to buy a bread (roti) to satiate the hunger. Barring Gujarat, NO state in India has 24×7 electicity to the entire population. Lakhs of villages still have no identifiable access to roads. 72% of our population is in villages but most of it doesn’t have access to proper education, health or sanitation facilities. Do we really call ourselves developed?
  2. So what… our society is still the best! And so is our culture!
    Again, this depends on how you define ‘best’. For ages, the only defense against any comparison involving the ‘west’ has been our culture. Sure, we like to shout it out aloud but sanity and reasoning forfeits us the right to believe just that! We are one of the few countries in the world with documented cases of rape of minors as well as that of elderly. Delhi, the city that I live in, has become a safe heaven for eve-teasers. Joint families are falling apart, parents are being left to die alone or sent to a shelter-home, respect for fellow men and women is lost, patriotism is becoming a mere formality, and western culture is increasingly being adopted over the Indian culture. Still stuck to that reason?
  3. So what? We are a global superpower!!
    Sorry to burst your bubble princess! Forget about the other countries, even your neighbors (read Pakistan and China) don’t give a hoot to what you think. Dude, by the way, did we all not see the visuals of Pakistani flag being waved in Kashmir during recent protests? Global superpower… hahaa…
  4. But we sure have the edge in terms of white-collar manpower!
    True that we lead in the IT sector but then why are almost all IT giants American? We have the most unprofessional* work-force amongst the better nations. Why else do you see no one making a scheduled appointment in time? Why else do you see almost every person trying to find short-cuts? All that advantage of having the manpower is surely going down the drain!
  5. Oh your negative attitude… What have you done?
    Nothing, I admit, that changes the world. But I’m trying my best to become a good doctor. Yes, I could have done more but I also have years to go before I’m rendered useless!

Jai Hind and a Happy Independence Day!