[Stag: A person who attends a social gathering unaccompanied by a partner, especially a man who is unaccompanied by a woman.]

Ever tried going into a club alone or with your gang of boys? When that lame-looking man at the entry, after having a look, decides not to let you in or ‘politely’ suggests that you hit the lounge area instead? And you go red, with anger or shame, depending on the mood and your nature. But the face at the counter is unrelenting and you have to leave the place. End of story. Huh?

I have been in a similar situation before and I must tell you that it is humiliating at the very least. But then, I had my reasons. I am not a globe-trotter but what I know for sure is that in two cities of United States that I’ve been to, Los Angeles and New York, if you walk into any club, you will not be denied entry just because you’re a lone guy. In fact, more chances are that you’ll find someone to dance with, to talk over a drink, and to have fun. So, when you come back to India and go into a night club with your buddies, only to be denied entry, it sucks real bad!

For example, almost all nightclubs in Delhi have free entry for girls (understandable, though ugly chicks do get through!), charge for couples (ok, I mean I can pay up in this case) and double charge (what the fuck!) or even no-entry for lone guys. How far is this fair? I mean, let girls go in for free, charge guys as much as a couple but let them go in!

But, I was about to tell you why guys don’t get stag entry? The reason is the brute and unruly behavior of guys in Delhi especially when drunk. I really feel ashamed but closer to truth when I say that a sizable chunk of single guys in Delhi are sex starved and frustated, ready to pounce upon any girl they find ‘available’. If you make a video of how these ‘men’ behave, it would make you smile in disgust for long.

I have to drop all my female friends within meters of their houses to ensure their safety. This is after an incident in which my friend got verbally abused by neighborhood goons (in a posh Delhi locality!) I can’t travel comfortably with my partner in Delhi Metro with hoards of males trying to get a piece of ‘action’ by getting close to her. Such is the state of affairs in ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’!

Well, I think this and I think that. But at the end of it all, I thank god for the policy of not granting a stag entry!

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