What if your friend is seriously ill? What if all he needs is a favor… probably his last from you? What happens when life puts you in a tight spot? Answers are usually hard to come by. If you could relate a bit, read on!

Well, the reason why I’m striking this chord is primarily because of the incident that I’m about to tell you. One fine morning last week, wednesday or thursday I can’t recall, I recieved a call from my close friend. He sounded morbid. He told me that one of our close friends had suffered a serious accident. His car had crashed into a truck coming from the opposite side as he lost control on a wet section of the highway. He was admitted in a hospital in Noida. The condition was described ‘critical’ by his attending doctors. His parents were in a state of shock ever since they saw their son in a prison-cell of a room, with 2 tubes in the mouth for ventillation, two intravenous lines, a haphazard mesh of wires connecting to a machine which, for all it did, kept beeping at regular intervals and showed a wierd pattern on its green display.

Read on…

As I sparked the ignition of my car, a lot of thoughts crowded my brain. Visuals from all the times that we spent together, of how he had always maintained that his aim was to be rich and famous, of how we used to tease him about his night-outs with his girlfriend, splashed almost in front of my eyes. I was too egoistic to cry, or let out a tear. The fact was that my friend was serious and though we had done some seriously dangerous stuff together, the chances of him making out of this one seemed rather slim.

I did not realize that I had reached the toll booth at the Delhi-Noida expressway. A loud horn from an unruly trail brought me back. My hand shaked as I reached for the twenty rupee note to be paid as toll. Formalities done, I pressed the pedal and car sped to the exit for Sector 12.

It was night time and the hospital building distinctly stood out in the sleepy neighborhood. I stood at the entrance and took a deep breath. All my life, I had entered hospitals with sole intention to treat. And here I was, standing at the door of a familiar building, hoping and praying that my friend makes it out alive and well.

I had made no effort to remember the room no. It had just stuck in my head. As I got into the elevator and pressed the button for floor no. 18, which I had read on the direction board as the floor for I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit), my prayers got more and more frequent. The door opened and I got out of the elevator. White walls, a characteristic smell of antiseptics and near-total silence except for the beeping of the machines confirmed that I had reached the correct floor.

I changed into the special mask and gown and gave my visitor’s badge to the guard at the entry. The automatic door opened to let me in. I saw my friend lying at bed no. 2 and from what I could recognise, his father standing by the bed. I went to the bedside and said hello. Uncle had known me from the school days and he immediately recognised me. I felt sorry for the man having known him as a very kind, caring and loving person. It seemed unfair for him to suffer such agony.

He told me about the accident, about my friend having been brought here and about his progress. The attending doctor had arrived for routine check-up so I thought I’d get some info in Doctors’ lingo. I was informed that my friend had suffered a head trauma leading to brain hemorrhage and subsequently, he went into coma. Hearing this, I realized that god had failed me. One of my prayers was that my friend should not be comatose. It remained unanswered.

This post has become too long. In case I recieve comments for completing the post, I’d be glad to write a PART-2 of the same. If I don’t, this post would be added in the list of things that I did not complete in my life.

Remember, your life is precious.

Take care.