As they say, everyone wants a piece of the best pie! When IT revolution happened in last decade, everyone wanted to become an IT professional and ride the wave of high-paying jobs with the coolness quotient. Most people I knew tried to learn as many computer languages as they could in order to get internships/jobs in IT sector biggies!
But then, as is the case in any field, some are professionals, some are newbies and some impostors… So, a breed of guys (mostly) and girls grew up downloading softwares from the internet and trying to attack or ‘hack’ a computer. Personally, I took the onslaught of these wannabes’ rather silently. Every person who came up to me and said that he/she was a hacker got an audience. I listened to them brag about how they performed ddos attacks on their friend’s computer and managed to get away with a few ‘classified’ pictures of him and his girlfriend. All I could say was ‘great work buddy!’
But as I got to know better, my understanding of this phenomenon improved. It is not hard to understand the psychology of a wannabe hacker. Also, it is equally easy to tell a hacker from a newbie.
Read on to find out:

  1. Who is a hacker?
  2. What makes the very word ‘Hacker’ sound cool?
  3. How is a hacker different from a wannabe?
  4. Tricks of catching a wannabe red-handed!

HACKER‘: If you know how the system works, you could exploit the flaws to bend it to your wish and will. A real hacker is an expert in the field of computers and has dedicated quite a chunk of his life into getting to know the intricacies of computers, operating systems, networks, programming languages etc. He is usually a believer of ‘access to information as a human right’. Infact, the very evolution of open-source and internet is attributed in part to these masterminds!

Why is it cool to be a hacker?? How about a knowledge of the most powerful machine mankind has made plus the ability to kick ass? How about getting into any computer in the world, from India to US? How about being able to tell your underground (hidden, unknown, yet equally cool) friends how you penetrated classified intelligence data and got away with it? How about exchanging a few pdf files that you hacked for a cool million-dollar briefcase? How about seeing your (fake ID) name flash all across the world (TV, newspaper, internet) and getting infamous? How about it all???


It’s like a song where the hero just moves his lips while the real stuff is done by the singer who works hard day and night to get his notes right.

  1. Hacker knows his act.
    Wannabe just pretends to know it!
  2. Hacker has detailed understanding of the systems and network etc.
    Wannabe has knowledge about how to download the softwares that hackers around the world created and then threw away because they were useless!
  3. Hacker doesn’t come out in the open and start boasting of his achievements because he knows he’ll be caught.
    Wannabe tries to get as much limelight from even the least-concerned people because it satisfies his ego and makes him feel ‘significant’!
  4. Hacker DOES NOT HACK HIS FRIENDS’ SYSTEMS because he thinks the hard-work isn’t worth it!
    All that a Wannabe does is to find vulnerable systems in his circle and get an access to them. He thinks of it as a conquest!
  5. Hacker secures his attempts. Leaves very little, if any, footprints. He knows that if he’s caught in the act, the prison’s waiting for him!
    Wannabe doesn’t know about how he could be traced. He leaves footprints, fingerprints, may be his own photo and a copy of his driving license all over the place.

I can go on for hours telling you all the differences but I think my job is to give you an idea.

Now, the final part of the post… hmmm…. it’s pretty long already! So, keeping it short and sweet, lets move on to:

Catching a Wannabe Red-Handed: Well, after that refresher course, it should be a piece of cake to achieve this!

Ask your ‘Hacker’ friend –

  1. What’s his knowledge of computer systems and networking. Expect an answer like ‘Experienced’ or ‘Pro’ or ‘Expert’. He’s getting into the trap.
  2. Ask him about whom he hacked, how he got in, what did he do to the system? He would say things like ‘he’s someone I knew or is on the lan or he may mention a familiar name!’ That’s it! He’s in the trap. How he got in would be something like a software or ddos. Nothing really complicated. After he got in, he MUST have searched for AUDIO or VIDEO files. Ask him that! Real hackers don’t do that at all!
  3. Ask him if he knows any programming language and if he has any underground connections. Both will be answered ‘no’.

Go ahead and announce that his sorry ass has been busted! Tell him about my article and let him know that you don’t think he is anywhere near being a hacker!

I think that should serve the purpose of this article. So, I’m out of here before someone tries to bring down my blog server (lol!)

Love and happy reading!

Take care!

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