For the uninformed, the reason why I had not been writing any blog posts for the past two months was that I was in the US for professional purposes and my daily schedule did not allow me to think beyond usual, an essential prerequisite for creative writing!

But, that was then! Now, I’m back in India with tons of interesting things and experiences to share with you guys! Most of these things are ones which you already know or have heard about, hence my motive would be to impart a fresh perspective to these experiences.

Also, upon request from a few of my friends from international blogosphere, I’ve decided to keep the vocabulary simple in my posts. This is to ensure readability and easy understanding. Certain posts shall be flagged for advanced vocab, so don’t throw away that dictionary just yet!

That should be all for now. Be sure to check out the announcements in the next post! I’m also planning on launching another blog with medical content. That is subject to finding enough contributors!

Cheers and thanks for the support!