No, I’m not dead.

Yes, I’m still writing. There are atleast a couple of ‘things’ that I’m currently working on.

  1. ‘the end to misery’No, it’s not a love story. Its about a dead husband and a hysteric wife and three cops trying to figure out what happened and how? It’s about a radical and sensitive topic not many men would like to discuss. Any further details will give away the soul of the story, so please be patient.
  2. ‘Misfortune Cookies’This one’s an article about certain spine-chilling realities and is based on a recent newspaper story that (did not?) shake the world.

I’m putting in my heart behind each of these articles. Considering the no. of visitors that I’ve started getting to my blog, I’m motivated to deliver something better each time.

As usual, both the above pieces are based on true events.

Happy surfing!


Arpit @ Ntb (Naam-to-Batao)