Just a couple of days back, I received a call from one of my friends. Both of us had been wanting to go on a long drive.. With a temp. dipping to 3 deg a night before, I knew that thermometer would be reading 2 deg or less when we would be out. Awesome… I thought, since for me, it was perfect way to get relaxed. But we did not have sufficient time for a long drive to another city or something. We had to have it all within 45-50 kms.

So, we hit the road… I had Noida Flyway in mind since I had heard a lot about it already from my friends. I had been there in the day time before, but it never at night.

We left AIIMS at around 9 PM and after doing a lot of things in next few hours, reached Flyway at around 2 – 3 AM. The sight was awesome…. 8 lanes of virtually traffic-free road…. temperature of 4 deg, slight fog. I drove at around 50 kmph for a while to enjoy the view and get the feel… but the adrenaline and testosterone surge was hard to be held back any further… so, the pedal was pressed to maximum and car raced to over 110 in a shortwhile…. something was special in that night… cause the fm was playing to our mood. With a club remix song on, I drove till the flyway ended… but i couldn’t stop.. so, car was raced through the heart of Noida till the very road ended, giving away a sharp 70 deg turn!

Return journey was equally delightful. We made stops over Yamuna and another intersection. Yamuna looks awesome at night, with the reflection of millions of light bulbs on its curved course….

Of course, since I had to chill-out, quite literally as it was to be, I stopped the car at a rather picturesque location and got out. With my hands spread out wide, and wind blowing, I felt almost as if it was zero deg! But I was enjoying the moment and that’s what mattered. Finally, upon several prompts by my friend, I got back in the car.

As the car raced to the exit point, all I could feel was comfort and peace… something that I hadn’t really felt in a long time…. For the first time in months, I was at peace with myself.

It was 4 in the morning. Turning left on Ring Road, car entered AIIMS and our memorable night ended.

[P.S.: Details not given owing to privacy concerns on the part of the author plus time and space constraints]