The 7-day extravaganza called Pulse has come to an end. Finally! Whew!!

Hats off to all those who worked their ass’s off to make it happen!!!

Hats off to all my bros who tried as best as they could to make it happen!!!! Those who succeeded in the pursuit of Happiness have got their rewards (hopefully)!!

But as you could guess, not many got lucky. Sad but true. They now are at an increased risk to suffer from Post-Pulse Depression (PPD).

Jab saara campus ekdum se khali ho jaaye… bina chillaye apni aawaz sunai dene lage, bandiya (yup!) dhoondne par bhi na mile…. to samjho ki Pulse khatm ho gayi hai!!!
Sahi kaha na guys??

Koi naa… here are some of the tips PPD se uberne ke liye!!

1. Go home and chill-out. (Tried and tested thru generations!!!)

2. Arrange lots of booze and drown yourself only to be woken up 2 days later. Then, repeat this step!!!!

3. Use “Pamela Anderson” or likewise!!!! (Men WILL be Men!) (Girls invited to try!)

4. Call that ex-gf/bf. Kuch din ussse pakao uske baad dekhenge!

5. Arrange a trip with friends and have fun!!! (xpensive but unparalleled option)


I hope it works for you!

If it doesn’t, visit a Shrink (Psychiatrist) or a senior (risky)!

Any more ideas???? Give your comments!!!!