Well… first things first…

The name Naam-to-batao (meaning Tell me the name in English) is, at first look, one of the oddest blog names that you would come across. Infact it was odd enough for me as well when I was registering this blog. The story goes like this… as many of you would know, while registering at any site, it is awefully hard to come up with an unique, catchy yet original name. For me, the frustation was hard to bear. In that moment of desperation, my head cried out… “arey koi naam to batao!” (hindi, meaning “Please someone tell me the name for my new blog!!”) And then, it clicked! So, there’s the story.

To tell you the truth, I’ve begun to like this name over the period of last few months. Though now it has been largerly used in its truncated form NTB, it sticks as my domain name.

This blog is essentially a sum of my observations and opinions on various things and events that happen around the world. My writing style is simple and I work meticulously to learn from the eminent works of our times. Of course, if you do not happen to like what I write, feel free to comment and kick my ass. I would love to get complements if the winds are favorable. Do what you want… read, comment, express, refer, or talk about my blog. It’ll all keep me happy and writing!

I hope you would love my baby the way I do. I also wish you pleasant reading while you are at it! Also, do not forget to bookmark (press Control+D on your keyboard right now; then press Enter) my blog so that you can come back to it when you like. RSS feeds to both Posts and Comments are also available for your convenience.

I can be reached through comments on my blog or email: arpit.aiims[at]gmail[dot]com